Electronics for Professional lighting

Rossbauer is an Italian company based in Florence (IT), with more than 30 years of experience in the field of industrial electronics and more specifically in the design and manufacturing of interior lighting solutions for rail and road public transport and commercial vehicles in general.

Our Services


We buy electronic components with the highest quality and safety standards directly from the primary manufacturers, using both Surface Mount Technology and Through Hole, accordingly with the customer specifications. All the purchased components are inspected during the construction process and our products are all tested before packaging and shipping. WE ENSURE THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY, SAFETY and RELIABILITY.


Converters/Ballast for on-board lighting solutions, installed on passenger cars for Train, Subway, Tramways cars, Buses, Coaches etc.
Converters/Ballast for on-board lighting solutions, for Marine industry, Aviation and commercial vehicles in general;
Professional LED technology for lighting solutions: POWER LED and LED Spotlights and Strips for any professional civil and industries applications;
Special Equipment for Research Institutes, Laboratories, etc.
We offer to our customers a complete customizable service, in order to provide “turnkey” projects about lighting solutions but also about electronic general applications; Our complete series of Ballast (Switching Converters) for fluorescent lamps are available for all the different power supplies from batteries between 12 and 120VDC and all the various configurations of one or two fluorescent lamps, starting from 4W to get up to 100W. WE OFFER THE MOST ADVANCED SOLUTIONS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS NEEDS.


All our work is performed according to the latest regulations in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Quality and Safety, according to CEI, ISO, UNI applicable in each case and we are able to certify all our products, eventually collaborating with the competent institutions, authorized by the European Community. WE CERTIFY OUR PRODUCTS AND WE GUARANTEE OUR QUALITY.


Rossbauer offers after-sales service on its entire production, both on standard products and also on discontinued or obsoletes ones.